Training Packages for Spas & Clinics

Training Available
Specially developed packages for Spas, Holistic Health Clinics & Healing Retreats

‘Skye Healing’ offer an ‘Oriental Wisdom’ training package.
This package is delivered in-house when suitable to your trading needs.
Alternatively, your therapists could attend one of the ‘Skye Healing’ professional accredited courses.

The package will qualify your therapists into competent delivery of the ‘Oriental Wisdom’ treatments and a solid understanding of the ‘Lotions & Potions’ product range.
In addition, your therapists will have the opportunity to develop their holistic treatment application thereby adding to the ‘holistic’ credentials of your establishment’s repertoire.
The training will be inspiring and engaging for your therapists, adding holistic skill and empathy to their treatments.
The resulting treatments will be invigorating and powerful for your clients, ensuring your Spa or healing venue maintains a special hallmark.
‘Oriental Wisdom’ treatments come with a guarantee.
No-one who has not completed this training may use the oils in treatment.
This way, ‘Lotions & Potions’ ensures that the standard of treatment application is kept high. A contract of agreement is signed, before training commences, to insure this standard is honoured and maintained.

Please contact us for more information regarding training packages for Spas, Holistic Health Clinics and Healing Retreats.